Greetings! I picked up one of your soprano pieces today at Roberto's in NY. I've been playing a  Francois Louis silver # 8, and was looking for something a bit darker and fatter. I selected a  rubber Fmaj7 from the three available and am very impressed with the early results. Just wanted  to compliment you on a great mouthpiece...keep up the great work! All my best,
Bob Berg

Some nice words from Tim Price "... its more fun, more wet... more real within our era, more in  tune, reed friendly.... More vivid and better rubber than anything ever made!!!! Hows that???  Can you tell i THINK THERE IS NOTHING BETTER????? yEA- they are the best ..."

I LOVE the mouthpiece you sent!!! It felt good from the moment I put it on and the more I play  it, the better it gets. I've used it on a few gigs and I've been very very happy. Over the  years I've tried a lot of different setups, but I've never been so delighted with a new  mouthpiece. Many thanks for a truly great product.
Thanks again and best wishes,
Tony Dagradi

You make saxophone playing fun.
Steve Sonmore

I get lots of remarks and this email was thorough and well put:

I just got back from a clubdate in an acoustically dreadful room in New Jersey. Even in this  terrible room the mouthpiece blew everyone away. The intonation is superb throughout the entire  compass of the horn. The dynamic range is incredible -- at one point the sound guy accidentally  turned my mic off; I just put more air through the horn until I was as loud as I needed to be.  The piece never backed up and the quality of sound did not alter significantly even at ffff.  The pianissimo is also excellent, although it requires a bit more control than my old Meyer  did. The feeling is one of less resistance than I am used to, but that is just a question of  learning the piece. What impresses me most about the piece is that I don't sound that different  to myself; It just feels as if everything is "working right." I deliberately didn't  mention anything about my playing a new mouthpiece to my colleagues; I wanted to see what  reaction I got. All of them thought that I had simply found a great reed. When you consider  that I probably have been playing my Meyer something like 50,000 hours and have maybe 25 on the  FMaj7 this is remarkable. I have never had such an easy transition between mouthpieces before.  About half of my discarded reeds (Alexander Classique 3's and some 21/2's) now are perfectly  playable. Wonderful work. I love it!
Marty Laskin

... and then I get remarks like this:
Hey Fred! Sorry I haven't emailed you yet I've been really busy. THESE PIECES ARE THE SHIT!!  Last pieces I will ever have to buy. I'm selling everything else I own...these pieces are the  last I'll ever need. Thanks to you man!!
William Sadler

"I have no special gift, I am only passionately curious." A great quote from my favorite  vegetarian ... Albert Einstein

A few stores sell my pieces:

Roberto's in NYC   

Brian Axelrod Music in Old Bridge, NJ

Sax Alley in Windsor, CO    

Ishimori Co, Ltd in Tokyo

Lamberson mouthpieces